Related Arts

Related arts faculty, each of whom are experts in their chosen field, have chosen to dedicate their time to inspiring our young children. Rotating through each enrichment area in eight-week periods allows our children ample time to engage in, explore, and enjoy every discipline.

Art: Ms. Camilla

Ms. Camilla shares her years of art experience through her weekly Visual Arts classes. Her art programs has a strong focus on studying different types of art and interpreting them by looking at famous pieces by well-known artists. With her B.A. in Psychology, Camilla teaches the importance of expressing themselves through process art. She ensures that her art classes are not always about how the final result looks, but rather the memorable experience the children have while creating it. 

Gardening/Environmental Studies: Laura Marchese

Laura founded the MCPK Garden Project 10 years ago and has overseen the development of the school's outdoor spaces including The Butterfly Garden, The Four Season Garden, the Learning and Herb Gardens, and The Berry Patch. She leads a dual life in dance, acting as a Teaching Artist, roster artist, Arts Integration Consultant and residency artist with several arts organizations in NJ. Laura is the co-author of 'Dance to Learn', a developmental dance curriculum that encourages the emergence of each student's individual viewpoint by making art. She enjoys sharing the value and importance of arts education with students, classroom teachers, and other artists throughout the state.

Movement/Drumming: Maya Milenovic Workman

Maya has a B.A. and M.A. from the New School and a BFA equivalent from London School of Contemporary Dance. She has been an international teaching artist since 1980, working with children, professionals, teachers, people with special needs and actors. She directed two Dance Companies and is currently an Artistic Director of MADLOM (Montclair Academy of Dance Laboratory of Music) in Montclair. Maya originated "Moving Theater Methodology" for ages 3-10.

Physical Education: James Goodger

James worked for the YMCA of Montclair for 15 years, including ten years as Branch Director of the Geyer Family Branch. He is now the Executive Director at the South Mountain YMCA in Maplewood, a branch of the Metro YMCA of the Oranges. He combined his degree in Theatre and Dramatic Arts with his love for all sports to develop a preschool Physical Education curriculum that combines imagination, dramatics and physical activity. 

Music: Jazz House Kids 

The new Jazz Explorers program is being taught by longtime faculty member and collaborator, jazz harpist, Riza Printup. The program incorporates arts and crafts, visual aides, maps, and movement in interactive lessons. Through fun activities, students will explore the Blues, New Orleans jazz, Swing, Bebop, Afro-Cuban music, and Hard Bop, while conveying life lessons, like the importance of working together or making friends from other places, embracing our differences.

Jazz House Kids provides inspiring, professional jazz music instruction and education to children from all backgrounds, raising their motivation and academic performance to build a vibrant community & a robust future for America’s home-grown music.

The One Love Project: Kay Richards

Teachers and facilitators plan and implement lessons and activities celebrating diversity, exploring world cultures and teaching the importance of  tolerance, inclusivity, acceptance and respect for all people, families and lifestyles. Families and guests are invited in to share their stories, traditions, cultures and unique experiences to enrich our school culture. This foundational anti-bias program will be infused throughout our classroom explorations, whole-school traditions and community events.  The One Love Committee of facilitators, staff members and parents will meet monthly to add to program resources and lead the planning process. Please reach out to your teaching team if you are interested in participating in the One Love Project for your child’s class or school-wide. We ask that each family limit their participation to one or two holidays or traditions per school year to ensure that all families have an opportunity to share with the class.