Speaking from the heart, parents are our greatest ambassadors for MCPK. Many return with their second or third child after a cherished first experience.

"We love everything about the program – from curbside drop, to the curriculum, staff and families. " - Nikki Jones

"We loved our year at the Pre-K. We love the warm, kind, happy, loving environment. You can feel it every time you enter the building. This is honestly the happiest place we've been. We'll miss it." - Abby Kim

"The program continues to be excellent (this is our third child in the program). " - Pramod Chakravathy

"1 – The strength of the teaching staff. 2 – The quality of education that helps prepare them for kindergarten. 3 – The social skills they help provide. 4 – The diversity of the families, children and staff." - Nicole Bonomelli

"Excellent school, great sense of community, nurturing/caring staff." - Josephine Sears

"Commitment of teachers, flexibility, caring attitude." - Stephanie Branciforte

"Creative projects, friendly staff, variety of activities." - Kimya/Morten Nilsen

"MCPK is a truly special place and we are so glad to have found it. We will miss you school over the summer. See you in September." - Kim Liermann

Our daughter "loves it all: helping her friends; circle time; news' learning and making things; and being in a stable, safe, loving environment." - David Halbfinger and Kimberly Brown

Public School Teachers and Community Leaders

It’s not just parents who are impressed with MCPK.

"MCPK children come to school ready to start kindergarten.  Children who attended MCPK tend to be inquisitive, imaginative and collaborative.  They are active listeners who are respectful of their fellow students and they are capable of caring for themselves and their belongings.  It's obvious that MCPK encourages both the academic and social development of their students." - Carissa Olivi, Kindergarten teacher, Edgemont Elementary School

"The Montclair Community Pre-K is so important to this town. Their mission to provide high-quality education to all children, regardless of their family's ability to pay, ensures that every student in Montclair has access to the school's exceptional academics along with a wide array of family support systems. MCPK is a pillar of the community and should be a model for all preschools." -Robin Schlager, Second Ward Councilor, Montclair Township

Anonymous quotes from our year-end survey

“The entire program offerings meet our needs academically, socially and professionally. The staff including the majority of admin and teachers with whom I have had intimate interactions exhibit respect and genuine love for all children at MCPK.”

“My child has been receiving financial assistance to attend MCPK. Without it we would not have been able to send her to Pre-K. I don’t know how to thank the MCPK family for making this possible for us. It is taking an enormous pressure off of me as a parent and it is ensuring a head start for a bright future for my little girl.” “I like that my child receives quality education and social skills in a safe environment. My daughter likes that she gets to play with her friends.”

“Array of things children learned. Commitment of teachers and administration. Love MCPK”

“Everything!!! We especially loved that related arts were woven into the academic curriculum. Everything from hands on projects, themed units, book buddies, learning to hold a writing instrument properly, working out social problems on their own, feeling confident to look at a grown-up in the eye when speaking, playing outside all year round, public speaking (show and tell), family school events, loving staff and teachers, and the economic and ethnic diversity - are the reasons why Montclair Community Pre-K is the most AMAZING, FANTASTIC, LOVING, NURTURING, FRIENDLY, WELCOMING, CHALLENGING, FUN, and MAGICAL Pre-K in the universe!! Our family is so blessed to have been a part of it twice!”

“We loved his teachers. Such thought was put into each day. He learned a lot and had fun every day.”

"The school day routine was effective. It really helped transition (child) into a more independent little person and give her a better sense of Self. She was proud that she could do things on her own and then became more adventurous and fearless when trying to do new tasks/activities. The robust curriculum MCPK offers has inspired a true love of learning for “child”, which was all I had really hoped for when she started school this year. I (and my husband) found the curriculum to be intensive yet varied. One might assume a 4-5 year old children might tire of studying a specific segment, like Penguins or DInosaurs, for 3- 4 weeks. Actually, it was the perfect amount of timeto allow the kids to deeply explore the subject from many angles and to then exhibit their knowledge in a multitude of ways - from art projects to rattling off pretty impressive facts at the dinner table. Imagine our surprise when we visited Field Station Dinosaur and (child) correctly yelled out the names of most of the dinosaurs we approached (WOW, Pachycephalosaurus!). And she's learned a lot from her elective teachers as well. She offers the names of plants and flowers to me and recently, one of her friends used a technical reference learned from Ms. Maya. My husband and I also appreciated the low-pressure method of teaching core Kindergarten readiness skills like letter/number recognition and handwriting. Neither (child) nor us felt pressured or worried about whether she was "getting it" and progressing at an appropriate rate. It was great that the kids were introduced to fun and engaging ways to learn and practice these skills. Even here, the emphasis is on the fun of learning. That's key and I hope I can continue your great efforts over the Summer! Thank you for a great year!”

“You know what big fans we are of MCPK, and what a great job we think you do. I love that the teachers in the school day program have autonomy to teach lessons and implement that follow the students' (and their own) interests. I was particularly impressed this year by Ms. Caputo's tinker table, at which she collected broken electronic/mechanical objects from families and gave the kids the opportunity to use tools to disassemble/assemble them. At some point soon, I am hoping to write a piece about what PreK education should be, and MCPK is going to be my exemplar for what a high-quality PreK education program should be.”

“I like that it is structured, giving the children a sense of purpose (and a sense of what school will be like -- my older child was remarkably well prepared for kindergarten.) My child likes that it is fun, his teachers are warm and loving, and he feels he is learning something, which he comes home and wants to tell us about. Also he particularly loves the extras -- Danna Banana, Mr. James' gym class, Miss Laura's gardening, and art.”